Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Water Conservation Program Tour Review

Colorado Springs Utilities offers several tours that are easy to set up. There are age minimums for most of them, however, so we went down to the Water Conservation Center and did the Xeriscape Garden- Youth Plant Adaptations & Water Conservation Program Tour. There are several activities to do on this tour- we started outside in the garden.
When you get there, go ahead and check in at the office. They will give you booklets to use throughout your visit, pencils, clipboards, laminated information cards, and even magnifying glasses. Then head out to the garden and read the first clue on your scavenger hunt. The laminated card will help you figure out which plant to find. Some of plants were a little tricky but I think we got them all right in the end. I liked how it explained how each different plant conserved water. This tour is perfect on a nice day. You can walk around for a while, take lots of pictures, and just have fun. There is even a mini waterfall feature. Its not a huge space but its nice.
After head inside and try another scavenger hunt. There is a section that looks like the inside of a house. That's where you will find your next scavenger hunt. This one was more tricky but I think its because they have made some changes since it started. There is still fun to be had and its a great way to help your kids understand why 15 minute showers aren't okay. 
Inside you can also find books to read that even the littlest ones will enjoy as well as a Water System toy (really a marble run). They have 2 models that you can try to replicate and labels on the pieces to understand the parts in a water system. Really, the kids are just going to have fun with it.
What I Liked Most: The view and the flowers. It was nice to find plants that I really liked and that didn't need tons of water- I'm inspired! 
What my Kids Liked Most: Playing- they liked doing the scavenger hunt and playing with the Water System toy.
What my Husband Liked Most: Finding out about all the rebates and programs like bring in your old shower head and get a new one for free (low flow). 

There are lots of chances for hands on fun here and to learn. If you need ideas for your garden, definitely check this place out. This place is full of information. They even had various types of mulch to look at. This is a self-guided tour so you can take the tour at your own pace. At the end be sure to turn in your materials and get a prize! If you want to try one of the other tours they offer, go here to read more about them and to book it.
Our prize- Dewey
Location: 2855 Mesa Road 80904
Hours: Mon- Fri 9 am- 4 pm The garden is in bloom  April 1 through September 30 
Total Tour Time: 1 hour at most. If you just do one activity, easily less (if you only do one, I recommend the garden)
Cost: FREE
Rating: 3/5

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