Tuesday, May 13, 2014

6 Easy Ways to Keep Learning Fun this Summer!

Summer break is starting next week for us. I can hardly believe it since I sent them off to school with coats and mittens this week! With the end of the school year comes the challenge of the summer slide- when all they learned gets forgotten. How do you keep your kids learning all summer long?
I’m a big fan of what I call edutainment activities- education and entertainment. Kids learn best when they are relaxed and having fun!  (This post may contain affiliate links for which I will be compensated)
Here are 6 Easy Ways to Keep Learning Fun this Summer
Learn and Have Fun this Summer

  • Create a theme- Last year we did a superhero month which was so much fun! It was a great excuse to have water fights (got to get the bad guys, right?) but also do some service. We said thanks to those who had served us like the Firefighters. Then we became real superheroes ourselves as we did service for others. Going on a tour of Care and Share Food Bank was really eye opening for my kids. It was good for them to discover all the different ways they can help out.
  • Make a Passport- I don’t know what it is about stickers and stamps but when kids have a goal that can be checked off in their booklets or passports, it’s a whole new ballgame. I love the Summer Reading Programs at the library for this reason (Its "Fizz, Boom, Read" this summer at the Pikes Peak District). Last year I introduced our passports with a runway breakfast. Some of the activities we stamped off are pure fun (like ice skating and ice cream) and others require learning and study. The Passport is also a great place to journal about the summer. 
  • See a show- The library has a multitude of fun and educational shows and activities all summer long for free. Or go see a play or even a movie. Afterwards talk about what you saw. Talk about the plot and how the problem was resolved. Hypothesize how magic really works or vote on which critter was the coolest to see. Thinking and talking about what you just saw is a great way to learn. 
  • Books! The right book can take a child away to a whole new world. Talking about that book together and coming up with new endings is so much fun and they are learning about plots and problem solving. Make your own books- comic book, picture book, chapter book, choose your own adventure book. Then have a special evening where you get to read your books to each other. It’s all kinds of fun! I love giving everyone a page of the story to finish then we put it together for a really great laugh.

How do you keep your children learning all summer (without going crazy)? I’d love to add your ideas to my toolbox!


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