Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Miramont Castle Tour Review

What a fun day we had today!  We finally made it down to Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs.  It was the word "Castle" that got my kids all excited whether for the princesses or the knights.  What finally got us down there was this great deal over at Half Off Deals.  We got our whole family in for more than half off the original price!

During the winter months, there are no guided tours available so we opted for the self-guided tour which turned out to be perfect for us. Upon entering we were greeted by a very friendly woman who told us some great facts and fun things about the the castle.  The greeter is located in the entry where you would wait for your carriage which started the tour off with a great mental picture and sense of wonder.  We were given a Scavenger Hunt to start our tour and off we went.  We began in the basement where you can find a Fire Museum and a mini town replica with a moving trolley.  We got to the mini town just as the trolley was going and just HAD to wait another 8 minutes so we could see it again.  Next we went upstairs to see the Hall, Queen's Parlor Tea Room, Dining Room, Serving Kitchen, Chapel, and so much more.  There are 4 floors in all, each with something fun to look at.  My favorite room might be the Solarium with its big windows and beautiful view although the Great Hall is also intriguing with its tin ceiling.  I was originally worried that the tour may be a bit too mature
for my younger boys but they loved it.  There was a full suit of armor in one room and fun things to look at in all the other rooms (plus they loved the Fire Museum- you can even dress up there).  I loved pointing out the fancy dresses or hats to my daughters and we all enjoyed the old fashioned kitchen items.  As you enter the Dining Room, you will see that the south wall is curved.  The neat thing is that the glass for the windows are also curved to go with the wall.  There are all kinds of interesting little tidbits that my whole family enjoyed as we continued our scavenger hunt throughout the castle.  The hunt was difficult enough so you had to seek some answers but not too difficult that you got frustrated.  The best part?  Well, see what everybody says below.
What I liked most: Learning little tidbits here and there that made me appreciate this area even more.
What my kids liked most: The scavenger hunt especially with the candy rewards at the end!  My oldest loved being the tour guide and my other daughter loved the Great Hall with all the art work.
What my husband liked the most: The Scavenger hunt since it meant he got to learn some great facts too.
Be sure as you enter the 4th floor to go exploring beyond the gift shop- there are some fun rooms to see with old fashioned toys.  Also, as you look out the window on the fourth floor on one side you will find you are just at street level while at the other there is a great view below.  One of the things that made the tour more fun for my oldest is that I gave her the job of being our tour guide.  Upon entering we were given a great fact filled sheet about the castle- as we made our way through the castle she read more tidbits about the castle that you don't find on the plaques on the wall.  She loved being a tour guide.  Miramont Castle also hosts High Tea and even has kid appropriate ones- just be sure to reserve a spot.  Call 719-884-4109 for more information.

Location: 9 Capitol Hill Avenue Manitou Springs 80829
Hours: Winter- Tuesday-Saturday 10 to 4, Sunday 12 to 4; Summer- Daily 9 to 5
Total Tour Time: 45 minutes but you could easily take longer
Cost: Children 6-15 $5; Adults 16-59 $8; Seniors 70+ $7; Active Military, Firefighters, or 5 & under are free  OR go to Half Off Deals for an even better price
Rating: 5/5 It was the perfect blend of education and wonder

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  1. I would be so into this 'castle' tour! I like the idea of a self guided tour too, because when we go to places like this we kind of like to roam at our leisure.

    1. Its such a great tour too! Thanks for stopping by Tammy!


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