Tuesday, June 11, 2013

El Pomar Carriage Museum

We had a great time at the El Pomar Carriage Museum today!  Its located at the Broadmoor.  You can park in the Underground Broadmoor parking then take the elevator upstairs, go out the doors then turn right to get to the Carriage Museum entrance.  Its free admission and they will validate your parking!

When you enter you are greeted by one of the best Museum Curators you will ever find.  His name is Jason Campbell.  You feel his enthusiasm when he is speaking.
He encouraged us to look around and mentioned a few things not to miss (such as the 2 Presidential carriages and the drawers that the kids would enjoy opening).  Then he asked us to be sure to tell him our favorite thing when we were done.  There are 31 horse-carriages and 5 motorized carriages to look at as well as other collections such as saddles, muskets, Native American items. etc.  It is not a huge museum but you can keep yourself plenty busy by reading the plaques and really looking at the differences of the carriages.  Since I had my 5 kids (the oldest is 8) with me it took us about 20-30 minutes to look at everything.  There are 2 movies you can watch (1 on the main floor and 1 upstairs).  When we were done we went back and shared our favorites with Mr. Campbell.  He then told us some more about our favorites as well as showed us some more fun things that we hadn't noticed about the carriages such as the hat rack, how many people you could actually fit on some of the carriages, how to store things for a picnic, where to put the dogs when going hunting, Buffalo Bill's carriage, and some fun stories about some other carriages.

My favorite part: Mr. Campbell showed us more about a carriage you would take on a picnic.  I loved seeing the coolers, the ladies ladder, and how many people you could actually fit on.  I wish my van could carry 18 people sometimes!

My kids favorite part: They loved the stories Mr. Campbell told, the fancy carriages found upstairs, opening all the drawers, and my son loved the cars!

My husband's favorite part: The swords and learning how they really had carriages for every occasion.

When you are down at the Museum, you can walk across the street and walk around the grounds at the Broadmoor or go up to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as well as Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun since they are nearby.

Location: 11 Lake Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm
Cost: FREE! including parking
Total Tour Time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours
Rating: 4/5  Only because it is a small museum- not a whole day trip but still worth the trip. Be sure to ask for the Guided Tour though- that's the best part!

Note: The Museum is scheduled to be expanded to include more Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb race cars.  We'll be heading back when that's complete which should be around this time next year.

They also do school field trips!

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